Who We Are

The mission of the Washington Literacy Council is to raise the literacy level of adults and children in the nation’s capital.

Upcoming Events


Join Colbert King, Pulitzer-prize winning editorial writer, The Washington Post, and The Washington Literacy Council as we spark a dialog on education and literacy issues in our Nation’s Capital.

Come to Busboys & Poets on June 24th from 6-8 pm and enjoy light refreshments with your friends and neighbors while you enhance your knowledge of this vital community and national issue.

$50 per person to this event helps someone learn to read.


To do this, the WLC trains volunteers to use a structured reading program based on the latest research in language acquisition.

The need for its services is as strong today as when it was founded more than 40 years ago by literacy pioneer Frank Laubach. What began as a grassroots organization in a church basement is now a small but growing nonprofit serving more than 200 students and 200 volunteer tutors and small class instructors.

We are committed to innovation through:

  • Finding and implementing best practices for teaching basic literacy to adults
  • Recruiting, motivating, and retaining the staff and volunteers who carry out this work
  • Enabling our students to enhance their life experiences and reach personal development goals
  • Educating decision makers and raising public awareness of literacy efforts to benefit adult learners and their children